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Local web design custom-made for start-ups and small businesses

Great website design helps draw visitors but the techy stuff behind it must work smoothly too.

As your web builder in Essex and Hertfordshire I offer both skills – I’ll build your start-up or basic website from scratch and design your pages to help readers scan and digest.

From my initial pencil-on-paper sketches you’ll have a custom-made site that showcases your business, is easy to navigate and looks good on all devices.

I won’t use templates that leave you bludgeoning copy into pre-set boxes.

I will use WordPress because it’s powerful and versatile, and gives us the freedom to edit and update.

You’ll have a strong online presence designed specifically to address your target client.

Why my small business web design services are right for you

Your local web builder in Essex or Herts should understand your business, the area in which you operate and the types of customers you serve.

My twenty years’ experience with major graphic design agencies in Hertfordshire and London means I’m ideally placed to do that.

All my work is produced in my studio, where I apply the latest technology and design trends. Being local to you means no agency overheads or red tape, and no crossed wires caused by agency go-betweens.

What to expect from my small business web design services

Clarity and impact

A layout that draws visitors.
No distractions from your key message.

Intuitive navigation

Easy-to-find content.
No fussy extra clicks.

Fully responsive design

As smart for mobiles as it is for desktops.
Hand-held devices are used for around 80% of searches.

User-friendly content management

How you edit and add web content.
Designed for non-experts.

Search engine optimisation

How you’re found online.
The structure, titles, headings and tags Google seeks.

Your social media platforms

Just one click from your website.
Helps increase followers and engagement.

Website analytics

Which pages are most read?
Highlights glitches.

When it comes to promoting your business online presence, there’s no better starting point than a professional, neat, and easy-to-navigate web design.




Do you need a logo design and marketing material that will attract the right customers?


Are you starting a new small business?


Or maybe you’re an established business looking to improve your brand identity design or website?